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Why the Arts Are Still Relevant: Creative Self Expression Matters Even More Now

The function of art is self-expression. It can take many forms: Singing, acting, musical instruments, design, and writing.

Unfortunately, today the role of arts in education is taking some hits, rather…cuts…in public school curriculums. At the end of the 20th century, critics became concerned about the continuance of art creation. It was believed that the arts would discontinue and become irrelevant.

Schools that can offer this instruction are essential to creating an opportunity for society to have the broader background beyond required coursework. JMC Academy, a college that offers a range of performing arts subjects, recognizes this call and stresses both sides of the curriculum; the creative and coursework to fully take advantage of the artistic life.

Many public budgets have cut back on funding for community performing arts courses even though programs go on to garner new talent. Performing arts are essential to our society and one way to ensure it continues is through education and private school. In that vein, there is some glimmer of good news despite the prognostications of doom.

To try and counter the budget cuts and meet the demand for an arts education, there are more private performing arts schools being created world-wide as we learn more about ourselves and educate our society.

The need for self-expression has always been a part of schools that focus on the performing arts that includes a wide range of professions from musical theater, dance, song, digital arts and stage design. In addition, the performing arts have been an excellent tool for people with disabilities to express themselves. It is widely known that students who have been shy are attracted to the performing arts as a way to express themselves through character and become more confident through art.

Creativity and government

Performing arts is about being creative. Without it, we would be a society without a heart, all but silent inside. Without a creative social group, the arts is likely to allow a repressive government with a force to muffle individual thought and free speech. When governments attempt to shut down the arts during a military coup or perhaps a revolution, arts show the importance of theater in exposing the political events and keeping the history of the country public for its citizens to observe. The importance of having people in society who can express themselves creatively is critical. The construction of creativity is one of the most important steps in our human evolution. As a society, we cannot move forward unless we have creative people.

Historically, society has always had some expression of the performing arts in school, whether learning to dance, or performing one of Shakespeare’s plays. What matters is that the performing arts endure and are supported as well as encouraged. As more schools reach out to students who want to immerse themselves in the arts, the better for our society. Students looking to make a difference need a place that will foster their passion for the arts as a way to express their feelings and how they see society.

Arts and education

Of the many reasons for a burgeoning number of new private performing arts colleges is the awareness that we need strong educational centers for theater and dance, and that the performing arts teach us about our history and educate us in other ways. An education focused on the arts with disciplines in the areas of theater, dance, music, and stage form a society that displays what is truly a passion for our society.

Art is what makes us complete. It takes discipline and focus. To truly study the arts, one must make a commitment, as in any other subject or discipline.

By: Geri Spieler, Contributor, Silicon Valley Freelance Writer

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Jeffrey Hard
Jeffrey Hard
Aug 19, 2021

OMG this was amazing! thank you!

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