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Brand Story

Penny Prints is a perfect definition of quality human representation. It was founded out of a great desire to advocate for women's empowerment, beauty, and confidence. I believe that a woman's image is a representation of who she is. What people see is who they are. As a result, a beautiful piece of art would go a long way towards giving their existence a meaningful interpretation.

I am of the opinion that my unique art will serve as a mirror, a positive image of themselves that will motivate them to work towards becoming exactly who they want to be. So far, Penny Prints has supported many women out there. Alongside the artist, Manda Hard, I have offered support and empowerment to women in need. I am dedicated to doing more.


Penny Prints is an online store that specializes in the sale of art accessories and provides expressive art prints. Our mission is to empower women and create art that is unique to them. We want to offer support through our services by making our art creations a daily reminder of the strong and confident women they really are. We want to help every woman regain her footing no matter what life throws at her. Penny Prints is committed to providing you with the finest service and a personalized, enjoyable experience.


Our goal is to be the top global provider of exceptional art creations. Through Manda's art and accessories, we want to reach as many women in the world as possible as part of our responsibility to the community we serve. We strive to improve the quality of our services while also demonstrating our love and support for all women. We want to show them that every day is worth living.

Personal Bio

Manda Hard is a creative artist who has recorded tremendous success in her career over the years. She's a passionate artist who uses her art to express her thoughts about love.

Manda Hard is an advocate for women's empowerment. She believes that every woman, in any form or color, shape or identity, is unique in her own special ways.

She exudes love and compassion, which are virtues and values that every human should possess. She does not hesitate to spread love and make everyone feel special through her art.

Every woman needs confidence and the strength to overcome obstacles and become an influential person. This conviction has propelled her to always make those little extra efforts that make a big difference in the world.

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